Yes, she is... :-) Expected litter in the middle of June!

10.05.2017 21:01

Yes, she is.. :-)

Let me introduce expected F litter in our kennel. Proud parents are Rancecraig Roulette and Cannella Dolce Sirrah Shine.


                Int. Ch.Rancecraig Roulette                       SK, PL Ch.Cannella Dolce Sirrah Shine

                HD: A/A                                                      HD: A/A

                patella: 0/0                                                 PRA, FN - clear by par.

                PRA, FN - clear by par.                                 cataract: unnafected

                cataract: unnafected

Expected colors are: black-white, blue roan, black-white tan and blue roan tan.


Watch the puppy´s developement here:


Day 26 - ultrasound confirmation: